Assistant Club Manager, Personal Trainer & Sports Therapist


Why did you become a Personal Trainer?

I have always been passionate about sport and fitness even from a young age. My job in Sports Therapy and Personal Training combined is the ideal way for me to follow my passion for the sport and fitness world. Learning the inner workings of the human body including how to recover and strengthen through sport has always fascinated me and motivated my desire to help and educate others. Through proper education and training, I can help others to be their best self whether this training is taught actively in the gym or one to one in the treatments room.


What do you do in your own training?

I have a wide variety of training methods and use my training as a platform to try new methods and techniques before giving them to my clients. From functional training, hypotrophy, weight loss and strength training.


Favourite cheat meal?

Five Guys Burger and Cajun fries!


What are your areas of expertise?

Weight loss
Rehabilitation and injury prevention
Muscle building, Hypotrophy
Strength and conditioning
Functional Movement Training
Flexibility and mobility



BSc (Hons) Sports Therapy
Level 4 Sports Massage
Level 3 Personal training
Level 2 Circuit instructor
Level 2 Indoor studio cycle