With various gyms in the Harrogate area, there are a few factors that put us at a cut above the rest…

Our Community

At Beckwith Health Club Harrogate we pride ourselves on being a friendly gym with a diverse range of members. We’re proud to know each of our members by name and thrive on seeing them progress through their fitness journey. Our members range from hard working sixth formers and busy workers that squeeze in an early morning or lunchtime class, to retirees wanting to keep fit and enjoy the social aspect of the gym. Whatever your fitness level or reason for joining, you will fit right in at Beckwith Health Club!

Our Environment

Our calm location within the Harrogate area translates into our laid-back and nurturing atmosphere. Our staff want you to achieve your goals and so there is always at least one member of staff on the gym floor at all times. This way, there is always someone to help you out with any questions you might have, or to simply make sure that your form is correct to avoid injury.

Our spacious layout is perfect to give each member enough space to themselves without feeling on top of other people. As a team, we’re aware that everyone goes to the gym for different reasons, from wanting to ‘tone up’ to improving general fitness. Our caring staff are always on hand for extra nutrition and lifestyle tips to help you achieve your fitness goals.

A bonus of our gym is the free parking spaces right outside, making the gym easily accessible for those that drive and live in the Harrogate area.