When it comes to enhancing your fitness and health, group exercise can go a long way in contributing to your journey. As experts in the world of fitness ourselves, we see and experience the many benefits of group exercise within our health club, including:

1. Encouragement and motivation

The energy within a group exercise class is a great motivation for encouraging you to increase your output and get the most out of the class. A group exercise class can offer more encouragement and motivation than working out in a solo environment. There’s nothing more motivating than being surrounded by others who are also trying their hardest, and various studies have proven this effect, demonstrating that individuals are more likely to push themselves harder when exercising in a group setting. A concept referred to as the Köhler Motivation Gain Effect explains that members of a group are more motivated than individual performers, and this very much applies to group exercise.

2. It’s FUN

The team spirit and energy of group exercise can produce an exciting and fun environment, which can be a refreshing change from individual workouts. If you want to take a break from solo exercise once or twice a week, group classes can help to break up your exercise routine and add some inspirational variety to your workouts. The social aspect of group exercise can turn hard workouts into a fun and enjoyable experience. Squats? HELL YEAH!

3. Different abilities welcome

When you participate in group exercise, it’s pretty much guaranteed that you’ll be surrounded by people of various abilities, which in itself can be extremely motivating and useful. Working out with others who are slightly more experienced can actually help you to improve your form, but equally, working out with people who are less experienced can make you feel more comfortable within the class. Having this variety in abilities contributes to the many benefits of group exercise.

4. Motivation to try new exercises

When working out individually, it can be easy to stick to what you know and miss some variety in your exercise. Participating in group exercise can be a great way to try new exercises that you might not have tried or thought to do before, and what’s even better, is that your instructor will help you to get your form right at the same time. There are so many health and fitness benefits associated with mixing up your exercise routine, and a fitness class is the perfect opportunity to do just that.

5. Structured workouts

One of the fantastic benefits of group exercise is that all of the planning has been done for you. Your class instructor will have designed all aspects of the class for you and will show you how to do each of the exercises. This is easy and ideal for those wanting to be led by an instructor and also for those who don’t know what exercises to be doing; you can focus on your form and enjoy yourself without the pressure of planning what to do.

Exercise classes are also a fantastic alternative to having a personal trainer, which is a more expensive option where a trainer will show you want exercises to do and how to do them. Group exercise class instructors do essentially the same thing, except you are joined by other people.

6. Meet new people

Group exercise is undoubtedly a fantastic way of meeting new people who all share a common interest – workout out! The social aspect of group exercise brings the opportunity to meet new people and socialise at the same time as exercise, which can make exercise all the more fun.

7. Greater output of endorphins

Participating in group exercise is known to increase your endorphin output; working out to music, being led by an energetic instructor, and working out in a group setting enhances the release of the hormones that make you feel happy! This enhances the benefits of your exercise, allowing you to leave your exercise class with a fitness and happiness boost.

8. Greater accountability means higher attendance

It can be far too tempting to give the gym a miss when you’re working out on your own, after all, no one is expecting you and you aren’t going to be held accountable for missing your workout. With a group exercise, on the other hand, you will likely have had to sign up to attend and you are much less inclined to miss the class as a result, This, in turn, has obvious health benefits. So if you’re trying to improve your attendance at the gym, signing up for a group exercise class can be a great tactic.

Group Exercise
It’s clear to see that the benefits of group exercise are extensive, and with so many different types of classes to choose from, you simply need to choose one that suits you and your goals best!

If you’re searching for a group exercise class in North Yorkshire, we have some motivational, challenging and fun group classes in Harrogate. If you have any questions about any of our classes, do not hesitate to get in touch.