What’s Beckwith’s Best Asset? Easy: Our Team!

We love for our clients to know our team better and so we’ve asked Emma, a gym instructor at Beckwith who also runs the barre and pilates classes, some questions about herself.

When we look at what really sets us apart as a health club, it’s the people who work with us.

Their friendly dispositions, professional attitudes and wealth of health and fitness knowledge stand out every day!

pilates class in Harrogate

Hi Emma!

How did you first get into teaching barre and pilates?

I got into teaching after the first lockdown. As the whole dance industry came to a standstill, I wanted to keep myself busy so utilised my time by doing courses and learning new skills.

For how long have you been doing this?

I’ve been doing Pilates for over 5 years now. As it was originally designed for professional dancers I would do it a lot during my training and after graduating. I’ve only been doing barre for just over a year now but as it relates so well to dance it was a great way for me to stay conditioned over the lockdowns.

What drew you to teaching at Beckwith?

I was first a member before teaching at Beckwith so was familiar with the space and some of the members too. I was lucky enough to be given an opportunity for my classes to be added to the timetable.


What are some of the biggest benefits of taking part in a barre or pilates class?

There are many benefits to both. One of the main ones is both of the classes are designed to lengthen your muscles, build up your endurance, improve posture, balance & flexibility.

For our members who haven’t taken your classes before, how would you describe what barre and pilates are?

Pilates is mostly a mat- based workout, the big focus in this class is your core. All of the movements use the 6 principles of Pilates: breath, centering, control, concentration, precision & flow.

Barre is a workout inspired by ballet. It’s high intensity so you’ll feel it the next morning but also zero impact, meaning no jumping! So fab for anyone with knee or joint issues. It’s designed to strengthen, tone and stretch your whole body, all while moving to a banging playlist. This 45 minute class has different elements of ballet, pilates and yoga so has something for everyone!

In barre, how is the barre used as part of the workout?

In our studio we use the wall, as we don’t have a barre, as well as mat-focused work meaning you are having to use more control. We use the barre/wall to help us stay supported particularly while on one leg. As a lot of the moves are held for a long time, with pulsing and instability thrown in. The barre is a great way to keep the posture strong and centred.

Beckwith’s barre will be arriving soon, which is exciting!

legs bums and tums class at Beckwith Gym

Are these classes beginner-friendly, or do they require a degree of strength or flexibility?

My classes are designed for every level. Each exercise will have different advancements and modifications to suit everyone. If you have any concerns about a particular injury you’ve had, for instance, let me know at the start of the class so I can adapt it in a way for you to get the most out of it!

What are your top three tips for staying in shape?

Consistency – Having a regular schedule or number of times you workout in a week will make you more likely to stick to your routine and help you see better results.

Variety – Personally I like to mix up my workouts with different forms of exercise. This stops me getting bored of one particular workout and doing the same workout all the times means you start to rely on your muscle memory.

Lifestyle – Keep your lifestyle active and healthy to do the best for your body.

And lastly… what is a random fact about you?

I’ve been on Hollyoaks!

Check out Beckwith’s schedule here to find out the timings of Emma’s pilates and barre classes. Don’t miss out!

Emma Gym Instructor