What’s Beckwith’s Best Asset? Easy: Our Team!

We love for our clients to know our team better and so we’ve asked Crystal, a fitness instructor at Beckwith Health Club, some questions about herself.

When we look at what sets us apart as a health club, it’s the people we work with.

Their friendly dispositions, professional attitudes and wealth of health and fitness knowledge stand out every day!

fitness instructor

Hi Crystal! How did you initially get into fitness?

Having been raised in South Africa, I was always on the Sports field. I injured my knee when I was younger but this never stopped me from doing any fitness! I competed in my first IFBB Bikini Bodybuilding competition in 2016 and ever since I wanted to know and learn more about fitness and Nutrition.

For how long have you been a fitness instructor? 

It took me a year to get qualified and on October 15th, the day I got that qualification, it was a very exciting day.

I’m using lockdown to complete the last 30% of my theory and exam for becoming a Personal Trainer (I’m the ‘new kid’ on the block, but so excited to take my own experience and qualification and help all men, woman and children).

What drew you to teaching at Beckwith?

A warm welcome from the staff. I can call Beckwith my home!

What are some of the biggest benefits of working directly with an instructor or PT in the gym? 

Every client and personal trainer is different… But you get that degree of personal attention and motivation from them. Your instructor or personal trainer is not just there to train you but we will be your best friend. We are a TEAM, together we can become stronger.

Beckwith Health Club

Would you recommend working with a fitness instructor for those who are new to working out?

Absolutely yes! We as instructors are trained to help people to avoid injuries when training, therefore it is so important that the fitness instructors give guidance in good technique.

What are your top three tips for staying in shape? 

Fitness and nutrition is a way of life! It changes the way you think and how you do things. You need to feel proud of yourself.

Be proud of who you are.

I believe in eating healthily, getting enough sleep, training well and repeating all of this.

Smile, stay young, never give up, and always believe in your dreams!

And lastly… what is a random fact about you? 

Being a fun, happy and energetic person and loving to see people happy!

I also love diving and hearing the calmness of the ocean.

Thank you Crystal!

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