What’s Beckwith’s Best Asset? Easy: Our Team!

We love for our clients to know our team better and so we’ve asked Dan, fitness instructor, massage therapist, and Beckwith’s team leader, some questions about himself.

When we look at what really sets us apart as a health club, it’s the people who work with us.

Their friendly dispositions, professional attitudes and wealth of health and fitness knowledge stand out every day!

Beckwith Health Club entrance

A image from the Beckwith Health Club in Harrogate, North Yorkshire pictured on Thursday 30th January 2020.

Hi Dan! What first motivated you to work in fitness?

I have always enjoyed studying health and fitness. This passion was especially prevalent at university where I specialized in Injury Rehabilitation. Having this knowledge has allowed to help not only myself, but other people to recover fully from injury.

For how long have you been a fitness instructor?

I have been a fitness instructor for around 3 years, after obtaining the qualification at university.

What drew you to working at Beckwith?

Location wise, Beckwith has always been on my ‘doorstep’, which drew me to training here at a young age. I enjoyed the friendly atmosphere, along with advancing my health; leading me to apply here at the end of university.

Beckwith Health Club

How did you train to become a massage therapist?

I studied sports massage therapy as a module within my university degree. As my studies reflected the holistic approach to recovery and rehabilitation, we were additionally offered a level 3 sports massage qualification to facilitate our hands on skills.

What is a sports massage, and would you recommend it to all gym-goers?

A sports massage is a combination of soft and hard tissue mobilization. In its simplest form, it is a way of moving the soft tissue/muscle in the body to alleviate knots and tension. They can be used to increase flexibility and range of movement.

Would you recommend working with a fitness instructor for those who are new to working out?

Fitness instructors are there to facilitate everyone in the gym. This spans newcomers and regulars in the gym. We are very knowledgeable and up to date with different training methods so whether it’s your first step into the gym or you want to progress your technique…we are available to help.

What are your top tips for staying in shape?

Consistency and dedication across all aspects of fitness and health. Whether it’s choosing an apple over a biscuit or a walk instead of a drive.

And lastly… what is a random fact about you?

I have hiked on the Columbia Icefield in Jasper (Canada).

Thanks Dan! Check out his full profile on our website here.