What’s Beckwith’s Best Asset? Easy: Our Team!

We love for our clients to know our team better and so we’ve asked Clare, who runs Beckwith’s yoga classes, some questions about herself.

When we look at what really sets us apart as a health club, it’s the people who work with us.

Their friendly dispositions, professional attitudes and wealth of health and fitness knowledge stand out every day!

Hi Clare! How did you first get into yoga?

My first yoga class was in the late 90s in Hereford. I had been wanting to join a class for a while as I was interested in the philosophy and spiritual side of yoga. Unfortunately, classes were not as widespread then as they are now, and especially not somewhere like Hereford that is quite rural, so it took a while to find one! My first teacher was a wonderful teacher called Suzanne Jevon and from the first class, I was hooked.

yoga at Harrogate Gym

How long have you been teaching yoga?

I have been teaching yoga for 3 years now. Teaching was not something I was initially interested in doing but I am so glad I did. It is very rewarding and I have gotten to meet some wonderful people in my classes.

What is the process for becoming a yoga teacher?

Enrolling on a teacher training course is the usual process. Most courses will require you to have had several years of yoga experience under your belt first.

I took a 250-hour foundation course with the British Wheel of Yoga in 2004 mainly for personal development and growth. I didn’t do the actual teaching qualification of 200 hours until a few years ago, this was with Yoga Alliance. The courses consisted of Philosophy, Anatomy, the study of different yoga disciplines, breath work (Pranayama) and practical teaching practice. It is monitored by various written and practical assessments ending with a final practical assessment.

Where are you from originally?

I am originally from Hay-on-Wye in Wales but I have lived in Hereford, Bury St Edmunds, Southampton and Harrogate!

Downward Dog

What drew you to teaching at Beckwith?

I have been a member of Beckwith gym since 2002 and used to attend yoga classes here with the lovely teacher, Margot Richardson. When I was given the opportunity to hold a class at Beckwith I was very keen. I know the gym and staff and the members are really friendly.

What are some of the biggest benefits of yoga practice?

There are so many benefits!

From a physical point of view, increased flexibility and strength can prevent injury and alleviate or even cure some existing conditions or injuries. With regular practice mentally you can become better focussed and more in control of your state of mind. It might even reprogram how you think and feel about yourself and your environment.


Would you recommend yoga classes for beginners?

Yes. Yoga is for everybody and everyone is a beginner at one point. Flexibility is mixed from person to person, from posture to posture so once you have been a couple of times you will not feel like a beginner.

In my class, I give options to accommodate all abilities. It is a very friendly class and I encourage individuals to do what feels right for them in that particular class.

What are your top three tips for staying in shape?

Ok, I am going to go more for mental shape – though it is obviously all interlinked…

  • Try to eat fresh foods – what you eat definitely makes a difference in how you feel.

  • Take a few moments for yourself each day to breathe and recharge (easier said than done I know but even 5 mins makes all the difference)

  • Come to my yoga classes at Beckwith!

And lastly… what is a random fact about you?

I was working as a stage hand for U2 on their Elevation Tour at Slane Castle in 2002 and accidently found myself on stage to start taking it down during their encore. Very embarrassing when all the lights came back on!

Thanks Clare!

Be sure to say hi to Clare when you’re next at Beckwith Health Club. She’ll be able to answer any questions you might have about yoga practice and much more!

If you’re interested in joining any of Clare’s yoga classes, you can find their timings on our schedule here.