Mini Trampoline Class

How long does the class last?

30 minutes

High or low intensity?

Low to moderate

Which body areas are targeted in this class?

Full body workout.

What will I gain from this class?

A reduction in body fat. This class helps tone the thighs, abs, arms and hips and improves balance and agility.

What type of equipment is used?

Mini Trampolines

Who is the class aimed at?

This is a low impact class perfect for anybody undergoing rehabilitation or looking to improve mobility. It is also a fantastic calorie burner as bouncing on a trampoline can help increase your body’s metabolic rate whilst helping to improve posture and overall muscle health.

Beginner/ Intermediate/ Advanced class? Is it suitable for anyone?

Suitable for anyone. This class really is 30 minutes of fun fitness with so many health benefits along the way.

How many in a class?

12. Our smaller class sizes mean that our instructors can keep a closer eye on each member, checking their form, throughout the class to ensure safety.

Who is the teacher?

George teaches this class and makes sure everyone enjoys themselves whilst being challenged.

Are you required to bring anything to the class?