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If you’re a first-time personal training client, you might be unsure of how a personal trainer can help you. The main thing to know when starting personal training is – what exactly are you hoping to get out of it?

The more you know about this, the easier it will be for you to achieve your goals.

So if you’re unsure on the answer to this question, check out these four questions to ask yourself before starting to work with a PT.

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What Are Your Fitness Goals?

Physically, what are you hoping to get out of working with a PT? This is likely the first question they’ll ask you!

If this question is a bit too vague, let’s break it down. What physical changes are you wanting to see in yourself? Or, how would you like to feel about yourself?

Is your goal specific to your life experiences? For example, you might be finding that you’re getting winded going up the stairs in your house and want to become fit to combat this. Or, maybe you’ve always wanted to run but get out of breath with a brisk walk.

Alternatively, you could be looking to gain strength. Are you finding that on the rare occasions you need to lift something, you’re having a hard time doing so?

Or, are you looking to lose some weight and feel better about yourself each day?

Pulling from your personal and lifestyle experiences will help to inform you on what exactly you’d like to get out of your PT sessions. Be sure to share these with your PT so they know how best to help you.

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What Are Your Boundaries (if any)? 

Have you got any boundaries when it comes to physical activity? If so, communicating this to your PT will help guide your workouts so they’re both do-able and enjoyable!

Boundaries can be things you can’t do as well as thing you don’t want to do.

For example, a knee injury that prevents you from running is essential for your PT to know about. This way, they could think up different types of cardio for you to do without further injuring yourself.

On the other hand, there are also things some people have tried and just don’t enjoy doing, for whatever reason. For example, perhaps you’ve never been a fan of cycling and don’t want this to be incorporated into your workouts. This is a valid feeling – be sure to let your PT know beforehand, so they can adapt your workouts accordingly.

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What Kind of Coaching Style Works for You? 

Do you prefer gentle encouragement, or are you more of a fan of the tough love approach?

Your relationship with your PT will always be respectful and open to communication. This goes both ways: if you’re aware that you find calm, gentle encouragement to work better for you during workouts, let your PT know!

Have You Got Realistic Expectations? 

PTs are experts in their field and trained to help you achieve your fitness goals.

However, they’re not magicians. They can coach and guide you through your workout plan, but ultimately, you’re the one who needs to be putting the work in. If you’re not willing to do the exercise well and eat well, you also can’t expect to see results.

But if you’re ready to commit to achieving your fitness goals, a PT will be the perfect guide to getting you there!

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