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Sports Massage

Sports massage can be highly advantageous. Whether you’re someone who engages in regular physical activities, sits at a desk for hours or does repetitive tasks daily, Sports Massage can help.

Here at Beckwith Health Club in Harrogate, we offer a dedicated treatment room for sports massage, providing a brilliant treatment to help prevent injury. A Sports Massage also helps to rehabilitate those who have suffered an injury.

The team from Regen Physio will soon have you moving correctly again!

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What to Expect from a Sports Massage

Having a Sports Massage involves the manipulation and rehabilitation of the soft tissues of the body. As a treatment, it is principally focused on the muscles but can have therapeutic benefits in other areas, too. Sports Massage offers a deep tissue massage to optimise your muscles and keep them in excellent condition.


You do not need to be an athlete to benefit from sports massage! However, sports massages can help relieve many day-to-day problems, such as neck, shoulder, or back pain often caused by prolonged driving or sitting at a desk.

Treatments are tailored to the individual; there is not a one-size-fits-all approach.


· Improve circulation and lymphatic flow

· Assist in the removal of metabolic waste

· Help to increase or decrease muscle tone

· Help to increase or decrease muscle length

· Remodel scar tissue when required

· Great for overall relaxation and stress relief


Appointments are available from early mornings to late evenings. 

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Benefits of Sports Massage in Harrogate

Quality sports massages can provide much greater overall flexibility to the recipient. Massaging the muscles expands the muscle tissue multi-directionally, equally longitudinal and side to side. This may also have a comparable impact on the muscular sheath around ligaments, which enables the perfect release of stored pressure and stress.

Another fantastic benefit of a sports massage is improved blood flow. The massage boosts blood circulation to the targeted muscle tissue in the same way as exercise. Furthermore, massage therapy also causes blood vessels to dilate, which allows fresh oxygen and nutrition to be transported more conveniently, enabling rapid recovery.

Mobility is also boosted during a sports massage due to increased muscle length. This results from releasing the muscle from a state of tightness and reducing any knots and scar tissue breakdown.

Additional vital benefits include an increase in circulation as well as an improvement in mental alertness and a reduction of stress levels. Sports massage also aids the lymphatic drainage system.

Injury Assessments During our Sports Massage in Harrogate

We can also carry out injury assessments during a sports massage. These involve an assessment of the surrounding areas and joints. This aids in identifying the main factors of the injury, which an initial treatment will then be based upon.

A reassessment will then check the treatment’s effect on the injury or issue.
Often, a home treatment plan of stretches or exercises may need to be implemented to aid healing. This allows you to keep an active input in treating the injury and help manage symptoms between visits.

The talented team from Regen Physio carries out our sports massages and supplementary treatments. We will liaise with them to adjust your core workout plans to boost your recovery further.

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Therapy Request

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