Xpress Circuits

A fast-paced and circuit-based workout designed to target your whole body! Push yourself and prove to yourself just how hard you can work. After attending a few classes, you will soon start to see improvements to your fitness levels and overall abilities.

How long does the class last?

30 minutes

High or low intensity?

High Intensity

Which body areas are targeted in this class?

Total body workout.

What will I gain from this class?

An intense but exciting cardio workout that gets the heart rate up and strengthens muscles at the same time.

What type of equipment is used?

Weights, kettlebells, resistance bands, fit balls, step box and much more!

Who is the class aimed at?

This class is the perfect workout for the time crunched fitness fanatics! The exercise options are endless and the fast bursts of changing circuits keeps you motivated and moving.

Beginner/ Intermediate/ Advanced class? Is it suitable for anyone?

This class is suitable forĀ all. Push yourself as hard as you want and rest when you need it. Remember it never gets easier you just get stronger!

How many in a class?


Who is the teacher?

Any of the Beckwith Team. Each week you will get a different fully qualified trainer delivering the fitness classes so each week is completely different. No workout is ever the same!

Am I required to bring anything to the class?