Yoga classes in Harrogate are becoming more and more popular, curious as to why this is the case? Yoga is a complete mind and body workout combining strength exercises with stretching to help you de-stress your mind! Our class is suitable for all abilities, from regular yogis to complete novices. If you’re looking for Yoga in Harrogate, look no further!

How long does the class last?

60 minutes

High or low intensity?

Low to moderate intensity

Which body areas are targeted in this class?

Total mind and body workout.

What will I gain from this class?

This class will teach your mind how to focus on the present moment through a combination of strengthening and stretching exercises. These will improve your stamina, posture, flexibility and balance.

What type of equipment is used?

Yoga mat

Who is the class aimed at?

Anybody looking to de-stress and feel healthier and more energetic! You will leave this class feeling relaxed and energised. The strengthening and stretching poses combined with deep breathing helps you focus on the present moment and relax.

Beginner/ Intermediate/ Advanced class? Is it suitable for anyone?

Yoga is suitable for everyone! Whatever your flexibility! Remember, everyone has to start somewhere.

How many in a class?


Who is the teacher?


Am I required to bring anything to the class?

Water and a yoga mat – spares available

Reviews of the class

“I really enjoyed the Yoga class and felt at ease as soon as I walked into the studio. I was a little apprehensive at first as I had never tried Yoga before but Alissa was a great teacher and really attentive, taking the time to look after each class member and ensure everyone is working to their own individual level. The class was varied and I learnt a lot and enjoyed the welcoming and relaxing environment. I can’t wait to return.”

“This was a great class for someone who has dabbled in yoga before, but who is still very much a beginner. Alissa made me feel immediately ease and not at all out of my depth. She made sure to check everyone’s form and helped anyone who seemed to be struggling. She was also very accepting of everyone’s different abilities, and I felt that I learned a lot in the space of an hour. I would highly recommend this yoga class!”