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EGYM+ Fitness Hub and Smart Strength machines are already a hit with our members!

We are delighted to see that so many members have already had their induction on the new EGYM Smart Strength machines and Fitness Hub. Feedback is positive: they are loving the state of art EGYM fitness kit!

Full members aged 16+ can now claim their free wristband and have an induction with one of the team.

If you are on a P.A.Y.G membership or using a Day Pass or Free Day Pass, you can purchase an EGYM wristband for £10 from the team at the desk.

Ready to get started? Just come to the desk and we will get you going!

Want to book your EGYM induction or have a question? Get in touch now.

Download the EGYM App or scan the QR code below.


Touchless Onboarding

Getting started couldn’t be easier: in just 2 minutes, Fitness Hub takes your information, performs automatic analysis and correctly adjusts all Smart Strength machines for your selected goals!

EGYM Fitness Hub set up

Smart Tests & Measurements

Intuitive user guidance across all tests allows you to measure workout progress independently, even without one of our team present, enabling early progress tracking—for that extra burst of motivation.

Continuous Motivation

Workout progress is a major factor in keeping you on track. Fitness Hub visualizes every achievement – providing tangible progress updates directly on your training app.

EGYM flexibility score

Personalised Resistance Training

Individual fitness goals and targets require personalised workouts, whether it’s muscle building, general fitness, or body shaping. Updated automatically for each visit, the EGYM training programs adjust workouts to match your personal goals. This personalisation gives you scientifically sound and automatically updated routines from your very first session!

EGYM isokinetic

Smart Guidance: Just Follow the Curve.

The comprehensive suite of EGYM apps documents and visualizes all training achievements, keeping you motivated and our trainers up to date with your latest workout performance data.

The EGYM Smart Strength machines catch the eye with their smart and sophisticated features that make sessions more effective and varied. You will be so focused on catching the dots in the curves, you won’t even count the reps you are completing!

EGYM training method

How does it work?

RFID Technology

For contact-free login to all EGYM Smart Strength machines and the Fitness Hub.


HD Touchscreen Display

For motivational and targeted workouts based on the EGYM training curve.

EGYM Fitness Hub set up man

Automatic Configuration

For user-friendly and safe training that works well for everyone.

Device Connectivity

For efficient processing of your workouts and creating new ones to keep you motivated.