Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I join Beckwith Health Club?

A: You can join Beckwith Health Club online by clicking here and completing the secure online joining process. If you prefer, please visit the club and we will walk you through the process on our tablet.

Q: Do you offer joint membership options?

A: With our one price membership of only £34.99 per month, we do not offer joint membership options.

Q: Do I get a membership card when I sign up?

A: No. Once you have signed up, you will be invited to download our App. The App allows you to simply scan your virtual card each time you come into the club. The App will also allow you to book into a class, or join a class waiting list, online. You will be assigned a membership number which you can also use to check into the club if you don’t have a smartphone. When you come to the club for your first workout, be sure to come to the desk and have them add your photo to our system if you haven’t already set one up on the app.

Q: Are all fitness classes free?

A: All fitness classes on our timetable are included within your membership.

Q: What is my initial payment for?

A: The initial payment includes a one-off administration fee of £10, plus the current month’s pro-rata membership fees before your direct debit begins.

Q: When will my direct debit be taken from my bank?

A: Depending on when you signed up, your direct debit will be taken on one of 4 dates: 1st, 8th, 15th, 25th day of each month, or the first working day afterwards should the day fall on a weekend or Bank Holiday.
All new sign-ups since January 2022 will have a collection date of the 1st of each month.
If a payment fails to be collected, we will continue to try to collect the overdue payment throughout the month.

Q: How do I cancel my membership?

If you wish to cancel your membership after the initial 7-day cooling-off period, we require 30 days notice in writing.
Please send us an email to initiate the 30 day notice period to cancel your membership to
Please include your name, membership ID, address and date of birth, requesting a process of termination on your membership – we will confirm this back to you in writing within a few days by email.
We are unable to offer a pro-rata payment at the end of your membership. If payment falls due during your 30 day notice period, your access to the gym will be extended to allow you full use of the facilities to correspond with that payment.
Please note that we are unable to be held liable should you decide to post your termination by letter and it is not received by us. We would always recommend giving us a call after the above 7 day period to ensure your request has been received and processed. Refund Policy: If you should choose to cancel your membership within the allotted 7 days, a refund of the initial payment will be made by GoCardless. The refund should take no longer than 10 working days. To apply for a refund in these circumstances, please: email ​​ or contact us on Tel: 01423 522 177

Q: Do you have a Pay-As-You-Go membership?

A: Yes! If you are not ready to commit to a rolling membership, you can buy a one month 30-consecutive day PAYG membership
We also have Day Passes available for £8.

Q: Do you have a Teen Gym Membership?

A: Yes, we do have a Teen Gym Membership!
The Teen Gym Academy membership is for all members aged 13-15 years of age.
New Teen Members must have an induction when they sign up before they are allowed to use the gym. Inductions must be booked before arriving for their first visit by calling or emailing

They must attend a minimum of three of the Teen Academy Workshops. Until they have achieved the Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards, they will be restricted from using certain equipment. This includes the: Smith Press, Sled, Plyo Boxes, Hex Bar, Squat Racks, Fixed Barbells, Dumbbells, Kettlebells and Spartan Rig.

The Teen Academy Workshops are used to learn the basics of training and form, but also build a healthy training mindset for a long term fitness lifestyle.
Teen Academy Workshops run at 4 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays and can be booked online via the ClubRight app.
Once they have completed the workshops, they can access the club between 2 pm-5.30 pm Mon-Fri, and on Weekends 8.30 am-3 pm.

During the long school summer holidays, teen gym members are allowed unrestricted access to the club from July 25th until September 1st. This extended access is restricted to those who have completed the Teen Gym Academy classes and earned the Bronze, Silver and Gold awards.