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We can help you with the prevention of injury and, where necessary, the rehabilitation back to optimum levels of fitness after injury. From both a daily functional and occupational basis, as well as from a sports-specific level – regardless of age or ability, this will help you become fitter and stronger.

Body Massages in Harrogate

Looking after your muscles and body as a whole is an important part of our overall focus on health and wellbeing here at Beckwith Health Club. Intense and frequent exercise can take its toll on the body. Similarly, infrequent exercise and sudden stresses on your body can lead to injury. So we have developed massage treatments that can be tailored to you and the muscles most under stress in your exercise.

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The Full Package

Not only do we treat your symptoms, but our aim is to find the cause of the problem in order to prevent it from reoccurring. We tailor our care to incorporate recovery, rehabilitation, and to teach you how to maintain the optimal health of your body in the future.

Below are the options we have for sports body massage treatments in Harrogate. All are designed to help prevent injury and help you to maintain an optimum level of fitness. Treatments are also available for non-members, and we’re always excited to see new faces!

For more information please fill in the form below. Alternatively, please email Steve and the team at SJ Sports Therapy at info@sjsporttherapy.co.uk or please call them on 07792933982.


½ hour Sports Massage

A therapeutic sports massage can help to prevent injury and also rehabilitate those who are already injured.

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