H.I.I.T stands for High Intensity Interval Training! The exciting and fast-moving class consists of short and intense bursts of activity with short rest periods. HIIT burns 25 to 30 percent more calories than resistance training, cycling and treadmill running.

How long does the class last?

30 minutes

High or low intensity?

High Intensity

Which body areas are targeted in this class?

Full body workout.

What will I gain from this class?

HIIT is perfect for losing weight and boosting your overall health. You will build muscle and kick start your metabolism with our class, plus, there’s a post workout bonus as your body still carries on burning calories for about 2 hours after you exercise.

What type of equipment is used?

Weights, Barbells and Step box.

Who is the class aimed at?

Everyone! If you exercise regularly, HIIT is a great alternative to your gym routine and is perfect for those with limited time looking for a 30-minute full body blast!

Beginner/ Intermediate/ Advanced class? Is it suitable for anyone?

This class is great for anybody. If you are a beginner then you can start slowly and build us as you get fitter. You will also have plenty of rest intervals before you ramp things up again. And remember, you can always stop and rest in the class if you need a break. We cater to a variety of abilities!

How many in a class?

12. Our smaller class sizes mean that our instructors can keep a closer eye on each member, checking their form, throughout the class to ensure safety.

Who is the teacher?

Any of the Beckwith Team. Each week you will get a different fully qualified trainer delivering the fitness classes so each week is completely different. No workout is ever the same

Am I required to bring anything to this class?


Reviews of the class

“Great session for a short and intense workout, perfect for fitting into my lunch break. The class involved lots of different drill stations and exercises I’d never done before, and had a good trainer who really pushed us to the max! Was very enjoyable and ranged in fitness levels and abilities.”