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Meet the Beckwith Team: Sara, PT & Fitness Instructor

Our Team

At Beckwith Health Club, we recognize that our greatest asset is our team. Their friendly faces and the wealth of experience and knowledge make the club what it is. Without them, we’d be lost!

So, we’ve convinced one of them to answer all of our questions to give our clients a chance to get to know them better. This week, we’re speaking with Sara, a licensed physical therapist and PiYo instructor at Beckwith Health Club!

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A Bit of Background

Sara is originally from Colorado in the United States. She moved to Harrogate with her husband and two young children, Hannah and Luke, a year and a half ago. So far, she’s loved the experience of living in North Yorkshire!

We’re happy to hear it!

Back in the United States, Sara used to work as an ICU then dermatology nurse, while teaching free fitness classes at the hospital.

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A Lifestyle and Career in Fitness

Sara has always prioritized her health and taken the time to be fit. After having children, she became a dermatology nurse and later began teaching fitness classes from her home in Denver.

She began this second career by obtaining her PT certification and hasn’t looked back since! In November 2018, Sara moved to Harrogate with her family and shortly afterwards, began teaching classes at Beckwith Health Club.

What Drew Sara to Teaching at Beckwith Health Club?

According to Sara, it is Beckwith’s independent spirit and atmosphere that attracted her to working with us. Being so family-oriented, she admires Beckwith’s family ownership.

Beckwith Health Club is an independent and unaffiliated health club owned by Mark Silver, originally from Leeds, and who lived in Harrogate for well over a decade.

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What Classes Does Sara Offer at Beckwith?

Sara teaches PiYo classes at Beckwith Health Club. Her classes last 60 minutes and are offered throughout the week. Remember to reserve your spot, as these have been very popular with Beckwith’s clients! 

According to Sara, her Piyo classes will get your heart pumping but are also well-rounded. The class structure starts with a warm-up, followed by increased intensity, a flow sequence, stretch and strength work, and then a cool down. 

Please note that PIYO classes are due to return to our timetable in the autumn of 2020.

What Is PiYo?

In Sara’s words, PiYo is a fusion of Pilates and Yoga. It involves a combination of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), cardio exercise, flexibility, and strength training. A fun, full-body exercise that’s suitable for all levels. 

PiYo moves faster than yoga, though it also involves holding poses for some time. What’s great about it is if you lose track or get lost, you can choose to stick to one move to ensure you’re constantly staying active. And then, jump back in when you’re ready!

For a high energy workout, including a bit of everything from flexibility to dance and strength training, check out our class timetable and book your spot in one of Sara’s Piyo classes!

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Would Sara recommend PiYo to complete beginners?

 While the activity may take a try or two to get into, Sara emphasizes that the class is entirely scalable. Depending on what you’re looking for from the class and on your abilities, this could mean scaling up or down. 

Sara’s method of hands-on teaching, and her years of experience as a PT, make her a fantastic person to introduce you to the workout. Sara’s two children Hannah, 7, and Luke, 4, have also tried their hand at PiYo and really enjoy the exercise!

More About Sara… What Is Ruck Club?

Sara also gets involved in community fitness, most especially through Ruck Club!

Ruck Club is essentially walking with weights in a rucksack. A great workout, but just as importantly, a great social activity! Getting together in groups to exercise (and for free!) is a great way to unwind, meet new people, and get outside, she says. Ruck Club events and meets can be found all over the country, and the activity is accessible and scalable to different fitness levels!

If you’re interested in giving it a go or hearing more about Ruck Club, feel free to ask Sara for more information!

And Lastly… What’s a Random Fact About Sara?

Despite having lived in Colorado almost all of her life, Sara says she hasn’t once been tempted to try skiing. That’s not something most Coloradoans could say!

How Can You Join Sara’s PiYo Classes at Beckwith?

To join Sara’s PiYo classes, check out Beckwith Health Club’s class timetable hereand give us a call to reserve your spot! Sara teaches PiYo at Beckwith on Tuesdays at 2pm and Fridays at 9:30am.