Our new gym area, which opened on September 1st, includes an amazing HIIT cardio area. Featuring Tornado bikes, Stairmaster, rowers and Sparc trainers it, therefore, gives you the perfect kit for an intense cardio workout!

The functional area includes a Spartan rig which features a wide range of stations. These are perfect for group exercise sessions or individual circuit training!

Speak to our team and most importantly, book in now, for classes and inductions. This will teach you how to get the best results from, and to safely and confidently use, this new addition to the gym facilities at Beckwith.

Our Strength and Conditioning area featuring a power rack with a deadlift platform plus squat racks, bench press, smith machine and a variety of free weights!

Our team of gym instructors and private Personal Trainers have been putting the new area through its paces already. Speak to them for advice and ideas. They are full of suggestions on how you can incorporate the new equipment and gym space into your workout routine.

Have you tried out our Sledge yet? It’s not as easy as you may think!