I recently tried out Beckwith Health’s Club’s new EGYM kit and had a great experience, from induction to exercise. I want to share my experience for other members who haven’t tried it yet, as I really recommend it!

My Background

A bit of background on my previous gym experience…

I re-joined the gym after lockdown and started getting into strength training to build up some upper body strength and get more toned. I enjoy strength training but didn’t really know how to progress with it. 

As a woman, I was a bit intimidated to venture into the weights section of the gym at first, but Beckwith made me feel very comfortable. 

I saw the news about the EGYM kit on Beckwith’s Instagram page and it seemed like a great option for someone with my background, so I gave it a go. I highly recommend it for the reasons below!

EGYM Induction

The EGYM induction was fantastic. It involves a team member registering you with EGYM, guiding you through the body measurements and shadowing your first round of exercise, which is really helpful as new equipment can be confusing and I didn’t want to injure myself by doing it wrong. 

The team is so helpful with this set-up. Having someone who’s trained with you while you do your first round of each machine is great, because they can correct your form and explain the tech side of things to you so you’re starting on the right foot.

Another great thing about the induction: EGYM uses advanced technology to take in your body measurements to begin with. Before using each machine, you tap your EGYM bracelet against the screen and it automatically adjusts to your measurements. This also means that all of your progress tracking is specifically adjusted to your body, not to a generic standard.

As funny as it might sound, this is so great for me as a short person. It saves the awkward ‘reaching to get the machines in the right place’! It’ll definitely save me some time which can instead go towards my exercise.

Tech-Led Workouts

One of the things I loved was that when you are being inducted for EGYM, you need to do a loop of the machines for the tech to know your maximum strength on each of the exercises. 

Using this knowledge, it automatically assigns you an exercise programme which includes weights, reps, and sets. It also tracks how many of these you do, how well you do them (by seeing if you are using the full range of motion of the exercise), and in this way measures your progress. 

As someone who’s not overly knowledgeable about strength training and exercise, this is incredibly useful. I feel like the workouts are more accessible now because I’ll be increasing my reps or weights in a consistent and safe way without having to do all the research I would need to normally. 

The programmes range from complete beginners to seasoned weight lifters. Just like normal gym equipment, the machines have a huge weight range so while the tech is great for beginners, the weights are applicable to all levels of gym-goer.

EGYM Progress Tracking & BioAge

I’m also finding it really motivating to have my workouts tracked for me all in one place. This is through the EGYM app, which the Beckwith team can help you to install. You can also scan the below QR code, which will take you to the download link.

It’s so nice to see the progress I’m making, and as the machines increase the weight gradually, you almost don’t notice your strength increasing.

Another thing I like about EGYM’s personalised approach to working out is your fitness analysis. After having your induction and doing the initial round of each machine to establish a baseline of strength, EGYM assigns you a strength ‘BioAge’. 

As stated on the EGYM website: ‘The EGYM BioAge is a comprehensive fitness and health indicator that combines a wide range of user measurements into an easy-to-understand BioAge that can be compared to a member’s physical age.’

Nathan led my induction and explained to me that 21 is considered the healthiest you can be for your body measurements. If you start out fairly unfit, your strength age might be older than your actual age. This will change as you become fitter and stronger. 

It also offers the option of a metabolism BioAge, based on BMI, and a flexibility BioAge. I don’t rely on BMI as a measurement of my health so I skipped this section. However, the flexibility BioAge was quite shocking… I’m definitely not as mobile as I should be for my age!

EGYM measures your flexibility in a series of guided stretches in front of their camera. These were short and easy to follow along with. I’ll be including more stretching in my workouts now to try to increase my mobility.

Summary: Highly Recommend 

To sum up: I highly recommend EGYM to other members who haven’t had a go yet. Nathan was so helpful with getting me set up and answering all my questions (and there were a lot of them!). Any of the Beckwith team will be delighted to get you started with the kit. Just visit them at the desk or give them a call: 01423 522 177. 

You can find out more about the new kit on the Beckwith website here