Happy New Year from Beckwith Health Club!

2022 is here! Although nothing much has happened in the new year yet, it can feel like a great time for a fresh start. Not to mention, fresh fitness goals!

The holidays have passed and if you’re feeling full and heavy from all the Terry’s chocolate oranges, don’t worry about it. It’s so important to take some time off and relax – you deserved it! 

What matters most when it comes to staying fit this time of year is remembering that good health comes with a regular, healthy lifestyle. Stay active, eat some veggies, and you’ll bounce right back.

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Got Any New Year’s Resolutions?

As a health club, we’re going to dig a little deeper into your new year’s fitness goals. 

Let’s see some common and achievable fitness goals to get the year off to the right start. Also, let’s look at how we can all make these goals last a bit longer than January!

Maintain an Active Lifestyle

The key to keeping your resolutions is to set yourself realistic and achievable goals.

The great thing about this resolution is it will look different for everyone. Regular activity throughout your day does so much for your health – much more than an on-off workout schedule!

So, whether it’s committing to taking the stairs more, going for a daily lunchtime walk, or fitting in a 10-minute stretch before bed, make this resolution work for you.

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Commit to Trying Something New

A new year is a great time to try something new. Not only could this be great for your physical fitness, your mental health will benefit just as much from a new challenge.

Beckwith Health Club is on hand to help with this one. Take a look at our packed class schedule and find a class that’s a bit different to your usual workout. 

Have you always wondered how pilates is different from yoga, but never given it a go? Read our blog on what separates the two activities and then jump into one of Emma’s pilates classes! 

Or, if there’s a class on our schedule you’ve always been curious about but wasn’t sure it was for you, now is your time to try it out.

All of Beckwith’s classes are open to everyone, regardless of their experience with the activity. Whether it’s pi-yo or spin, HIIT or kettlebells, check the schedule and join in now. 

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Make Time to Stretch

Stretching is something absolutely essential to any fitness journey, workout, and isolated exercise. Whether done alone, in the form of yoga, pilates, or simple morning stretches, or as part of a warm up and cool down routine, stretching is a must. 

When done as part of a warm up or cool down activity, stretching increases the benefits of the exercise and helps to prevent injury before, during, and after a workout. 

Even a daily, ten-minute stretch can have massive benefits once it becomes a part of your daily routine. In terms of preventing injuries resulting from daily life (such as lifting a heavy bag, running for a bus, or even the strain from sitting down all day), a daily stretch will keep your body in tip-top shape. 

It will also help your body to recover faster from strains and aches which you may have after a bad night’s sleep. 

Essentially, resolving to make stretching a part of your daily routine is an easily achievable resolution. What’s more, you’ll be seeing and feeling the difference after just a few days!

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Make 2022 Your Healthiest Year!

It’s time for a new year filled with opportunities and good things to come. 

Commit to a few achievable goals aimed at improving your overall and daily health and you’ll be seeing results within a matter of weeks. Set yourself achievable goals and make them last all year long!

As ever, visit Beckwith Health Club and ask our excellent team for tips, training, and more! We’re here to help your 2022 be your healthiest year yet. See you soon!