Workouts Not Working for You?

Do you find yourself exercising frequently and not seeing the desired results? Have you recently adopted a new workout regime and are you not quite feeling the burn?

If you’ve recently joined or re-joined the fitness wagon or switched up your workouts and don’t feel like you’re getting all the benefits, don’t worry. Bad news: you may be doing certain things before, during, and after your workouts which is causing you to miss out on the full benefits of the exercise.

Good news: you’re not alone, and this is all a quick fix!

Common Workout Mistakes

Unfortunately, exercise isn’t always as cut and dry as it may appear to be. While it’s true that incorporating regular workouts into your everyday lifestyle is the key to getting fit, there are added complexities to this maxim.

When it comes to unsatisfactory workouts, a lack of results, or injury, there are many things which could be contributing to these substandard results. Common workout mistakes that everybody makes can include anything from incorrect positioning during exercise to mistakes made post-workout.

We’ll run through some of these common workout mistakes and look at how to correct them. Better workouts, here we come!

Diet and Exercise 

Before diving into common workout mistakes to avoid and rectify, it’s worth caveating the “diet and exercise” conundrum.

Exercise is key to avoiding injury, improving your moods, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle in general. However, it’s important to remember that a healthy diet is crucial to getting those desired results from the gym and staying in good health.

Remember to incorporate a balanced diet into your everyday life. If you find yourself under time or financial pressures and are having a hard time doing this, why not try meal prepping? Check out our tips to get started here.

Right, let’s look at some common workout mistakes!

A Lack of Correct Training

At Beckwith Health Club, we firmly believe that anyone can do anything. Every workout and fitness programme can be moulded to suit every individual fitness level and requirement.

However, not every workout will achieve every goal. While all workouts will improve or maintain your health in general, if you have a specific fitness goal in mind, you need to tailor your workouts to this goal in order to maximise the benefits.

Depending on your fitness goals, there are different kinds of training that you should be doing in order to achieve certain outcomes.

For Example: Are You Looking to Lose Weight, Drop A Few Pounds, and Tone Up?

If so, you’ll need to focus on HIIT workouts. These are designed to push your body into calorie burning quicker and more efficiently. Thankfully, Beckwith Health Club has many HIIT classes on offer! Check out our class timetable here.

Another Example: Are You Looking to Build Muscle?

If so: focus on adding more slow and controlled movements to your workouts. Be sure to increase the time you spend under tension during your exercises in order to be more effective and get the best results.

Beckwith Health Club is a fully stocked gym and health club – we’ve got all the strength machines you could ever need to focus on muscle isolations and build muscle. If you need help locating a particular machine, or need advice on how to best go about using it, please do not hesitate to ask our trainers for their help.

Pro Tip: Remember Heart Rate Zones!

Something to remember when thinking about correct training is heart rate zones. These are a great indicator of the kind of training you are doing.

Heart rate zones are generally split into five zones based on the intensity of your training, while keeping your maximum heart rate in mind.

For example, fat burn zones typically reflect low, steady-state activities. On the other hand, high intensity cardio zones will build cardiac strength and longevity.

A Very Common Workout Mistake: Bad Form

Bad form is a very common workout mistake. Incorrect posture, positioning and transitioning during a workout can not only lead to injury, they can also hamper the outcome of the exercise.

This is especially true in the case of weight training, however it also stands with cardio-focused activities, such as running. For example, weightlifting without regards to how you are positioning and strengthening your back can cause serious harm to your lower back.

Moreover, incorrectly squatting will cause more problems down the line. Better to fix your firm now and avoid problems later on.

Similarly, running without taking the time to examine your form (knees, back, head, arms) can more easily lead you to a muscle or joint injury.

When taking a closer at your workout, you need to ensure that you aren’t reinforcing bad posture and form at every turn.

Be mindful that this includes warm-up and cool down stretches!

If at any time during your workout, you feel that your form isn’t correct, drop your weight or decrease your speed until you can comfortably perform the action. As always, please feel free to ask our expert Beckwith Health Club trainers for their guidance!

Another Workout Mistake is Overtraining Muscles or Not Changing Up Your Workout

Keep your workouts diverse to ensure you don’t over-train a certain muscle group and therefore, undertrain a different muscle group. This could lead you to develop an overdependence on certain muscles, and a weakness in others. Again, this could lead to injury.

Finally: Make Sure You Enjoy Your Workouts!

If you’re not enjoying your workouts, you won’t be giving them 100%. This is a common workout mistake! Boring workouts lead to decreased motivation, infrequent workouts, and a negative mind-set when visiting the gym.

The best way to cancel out workout boredom is by trying out new and different gym classes. This will help by either introducing you to new workouts, or getting you back on track with your intensity!

Check out Beckwith Health Club’s dynamic classes for some workout inspiration. Get moving and keep up the good work!