A Membership Designed for Teenagers

Beckwith Health Club is a gym designed for everyone – both adults and teenagers! We’ve designed a membership that’s made for teenagers to allow them to get the most out of our gym.

The membership is open to young adults aged 13 to 15 years old. Safety is our top priority, so we ask that all new members book an induction with a member of our staff before their first gym session. All teen members also need to attend a minimum of three Teen Academy workshops.

Let’s have a deeper look at what our teen membership includes and involves!

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How is a Teen Membership Different to an Adult One?

The teen membership at Beckwith has the same cost as a normal membership. However, teens will only have access to the gym at set times: between 2 pm and 5:30 pm between Monday and Friday, and between 8:30 am and 3 pm on weekends.

During the long summer school holidays, teens can access the gym at all times from July 25th until September 1st.

These times are set when the gym typically has a lower occupancy, so teens can get the most out of their time there. Importantly, this also means our team members will be more available to keep an eye out for them and make sure they’re exercising safely.

With this membership and through the Teen Academy, we will also be spending time teaching teens best practices, gym etiquette, form, and more. This is a fantastic investment in their fitness long-term!

What is Beckwith’s Teen Academy? 

As stated above, teens will need to attend a minimum of three Teen Academy workshops before they can use the gym freely. So what is the Teen Academy?

The Teen Academy Workshops can be used as a base to learn the basics of training and form. They’ll also build a healthy training mindset in teens for a long term fitness lifestyle.

Teen Academy runs at 4.30 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. They can be booked online via the ClubRight app.

 What can I Learn from Teen Academy Classes? 

Teen Academy is a training workshop for teen members designed to introduce them to correct training methods. These workshops are run by Beckwith’s certified instructors, and are split into 3 sections:

  • 15 minutes discussing the training methods involved in the second part of the workshop. This creates an understanding and knowledge base for teens to build a foundation on. They’ll then easily be able to keep up with and continue their fitness endeavours.
  • 30 minutes of physical training, putting the training methods into action from section one. In this section, we’ll emphasise form and proper technique for the relevant muscles used.
  • 15 minutes of stretching and mobility. This also allows time for questions to be asked, relating to the workshop or fitness in general.

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What Are Some Additional Details About These Workshops?

These workshops will last for 60 minutes and are classed as low-intensity, full-body workouts.

The class will give teens beginners’ knowledge of general fitness and training. It’ll be using a wide variety of gym equipment, and taking the time to discuss how they should be used and what their benefits are. Perfect to start their fitness journeys!

Additionally, teens will receive awards on ClubRight as they complete the workshops.

How do I Sign Up for a Teen Membership at Beckwith?

To book your teen’s induction and get started with their teen membership, send us an email at Info@BeckwithHealthClub.co.uk.

Where Can I Learn More About This?

Check out the FAQ section on Beckwith’s website to find out more. Please feel free to reach out to us via Facebook or Instagram for any additional questions you might have.