When it comes to the reasons we love Beckwith Health Club, we could talk about our varied class schedule, top of the line gym equipment, and our great value membership fees. But when we look at what really sets us apart, it’s the people who work with us.

Their friendly dispositions, professional attitudes and wealth of health and fitness knowledge stand out every day.

We’d love for our clients to get to know them better and so we’ve tracked down Steve Collins (you may know him as ‘Stevie C’), an external PT at Beckwith, to answer all of our burning questions.

Hey Stevie! How long have you have been working as a PT for? And how long have you been working at Beckwith?

I’ve been a self-employed Personal Trainer for a little over 10 years now, and have been based at Beckwith for the last 5. Of all the gyms I’ve operated from, Beckwith feels most like home.

What inspired you to become a PT?

From a very young age I’ve always been around sport. Upon suffering an injury during my time at a football club, I decided to do my Personal Training qualifications. From there I realised I loved coaching and understanding how the human body works. Due to being immersed in a hugely competitive environment when I was younger, it instilled an achievement mentality, which translates perfectly to driving my clients and my own motivation to succeed.

How would a first PT session with a client go? What can someone expect from their first PT session with you?

Lots of shouting and counting to ten. Just kidding! Each client is unique and has their own personal goals. We start by outlining what they would like to achieve, a body stat test followed by setting some realistic goals. All sessions, including the first one, will always be tailored to suit to needs of that individual. For example, if someone wanted to get stronger legs, I would look at their squatting movement pattern and how strong their ankle, knees and hip joints were.

How do you go about planning a client’s specific training programme?

That would depend on many factors, such as my client’s ability and goals. But a general session would always start with a warm up/mobility of the joints, followed by the main session and into a cool down with static stretching and foam rolling if necessary. I try to keep it varied but fun and productive. Sessions will be tailored and progress monitored throughout to ensure the client is always working towards their goal.

What are your top fitness tips for those looking to stay in shape?

Be consistent

Be patient

Walk often, with dogs whenever possible!

Work hard

Sleep often

Don’t be drawn into faddy diets and products

Eat foods in their whole nutrient density as often as possible. However, pizza still has its place in a balanced diet.

Stay hydrated

Call me 😉

Do you have any suggestions for first-time gym goers to help them adjust to gym-based workouts?

Don’t be afraid to ask for advice from either gym staff or any PTs. Everyone at Beckwith is super friendly and willing to help you. We never judge beginners, we’ve all been there before!

When are you available for PT sessions with Beckwith clients, and how can they book these with you?

I’m always open to hearing from new clients. Grab me in the gym or give me a call and I’ll see what I can do.

We’ve heard you run marathons – do you have any marathon training tips for Beckwith’s runners?

You heard correctly! I love to race a marathon. A lot of clients come to me as I specialise in run coaching. Contrary to popular belief, anyone can run a marathon. I can’t give away my secret sauce but never underestimate the power of strength training. Many runners ditch the weights when training for a marathon. However, the two go hand in hand.

What is your marathon personal best? Will you be running more marathons in the future? Which?

My marathon PB is 02:41:10. I achieved this in The Virgin London Marathon 2019, which resulted in qualifying for a place in the elite championship the following year. I will be racing the London Marathon again and Stockholm, as both courses and experiences were amazing!

Sneaky last question – we’ve heard you have quite the running shoe collection. True or false? If true, which is your favourite pair or brand? 😉

True! You can never have too many shoes, right?! My favourite is the Adidas Boston 7’s. These are the best daily runner and most durable trainer I’ve ran in, getting through hundreds of km’s without any issues with shoe or body. I have grown a huge attachment to them. It’s just a shame there are many new versions of the shoe out there now. The fastest shoe for racing, however, is the Nike Zoom X Alpha Fly, I will race the marathons in these shoes. You literally fly!

Thanks so much, Stevie!

If you’re interested in training with Stevie, you can find him at Beckwith Health Club, or get in touch with him by email: stevecollinspt@hotmail.co.ukor by phone: 07903 629908.

Also check out his Instagram page here, YouTube channel here, and more information about his work at Beckwith Health Club here.