We’ve Made It!

It’s finally April, the most important month of 2021 so far. That is because gyms across the UK are allowed to open again as of April 12th!

Lots of people, especially here at Beckwith Health Club, have been counting down the days for this event. We’re ready to get back to the gym and get ourselves in shape after lockdown number 3 and the Easter weekend. Check our post-lockdown guide to returning to the gym here.

As gym-goers prepare for the momentous occasion, why not take this opportunity to commit to some healthy resolutions?

Given the past year of on-again, off-again gym-going, it can be tempting to throw yourself back into workouts with intensity. However, we don’t want you to pick up any bad habits or get injured.

Here are five helpful resolutions to keep in mind as we return to the gyms (yay!).

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Resolution 1: Slowly but Surely 

We know everyone is excited to get back into gyms – so are we! But it’s important to remember that allowing your body time to adjust is key when it comes to exercise.

In the same way, you wouldn’t jump from running 2 miles to 10 miles in a day, ease into your gym workouts. If your activity for the past 3-4 months has focused on long, daily walks, suddenly switching to weight training will affect your body.

Even though you feel ready to switch things up, allow your muscles time to adjust to the different pace and nature of your workouts. Ease into anything new to avoid injury, and always remember to stretch!

Here are some great stretches to try if you’re looking for inspiration. 

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Resolution 2: Try New Things

A new exercise environment is a great time to try something new!

If you’ve been using the lockdown to work on your cardio, why not try out weightlifting? This is great for runners, for example, so it wouldn’t affect your other workouts. Find out more about starting with weight training here.

Alternatively, if you’ve been focusing on yoga or pilates, why not try out the elliptical or rowing machines? One of the benefits of gyms is access to lots of fantastic equipment you couldn’t fit in your home.

Check out our guide to using some common gym equipment here.

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Resolution 3: Balance is Key – Remember Nutrition! 

A strong reminder that good health relies on both exercise and nutrition. Eating well without being active would be detrimental to your overall health. In the same way, regularly hitting the gym without paying any attention to what you’re eating won’t help you achieve your fitness goals.

A healthy diet is key to staying well – check out some of our favourite meal inspiration here and here. 

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Resolution 4: Focus on Healthy, Achievable Goals 

Not to sound like a motivational poster… but the key to success is motivation and achievable goals!

Whether your fitness goals are specific (“run 10 miles”) or general (“feel better and stronger”), staying motivated is what will get you there. Often when we begin a new fitness journey, we can set ourselves some unrealistic goals. Remember to challenge yourself by choosing a goal that will have you working hard, but not one that is impossible to achieve.

If you need a hand setting yourself fitness goals, talk to our excellent PTs as soon as the gym reopens. Check out their profiles here. 

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Resolution 5: Ask for Help – It’s What We’re Here for! 

On that last point… at Beckwith Health Club, we’re here to help!

Whether you need a gym tour, advice on how to safely use our gym equipment, or a PT session, our highly trained and friendly staff will be on hand to help.

Check out their profiles here. 

 Also, if you’re looking to develop a new training programme with our trainers, be sure to fill out the form on our website. You’ll find this in the ‘Contact Us’ section here!

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See You Soon at Beckwith! 

Beckwith Health Club will re-open on April 12th, 2021. For our hours of operation and Covid safety regulations, check out our website.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for relevant updates.

See you soon!