Why You Should Be Shopping Local

A better question might be, why aren’t you shopping local? As we put this blog post together, we couldn’t stop coming up with great reasons to spend your money locally.

Here are some great reasons to shop locally, and scroll to the bottom of the post for a list of some great independent shops in the Harrogate area.


1: Shopping Locally Stimulates the Economy of Your Area 

Small, independently-owned businesses rely on locals to keep themselves afloat and profitable. Supporting them means supporting your local area, giving you plenty of high quality and affordable options for buying in your neighbourhood.

What’s more, local businesses are the backbone of the economy and the central facet of most British high streets. Shopping there ensures the local economy thrives, as research has shown that money invested in these businesses is in turn spent in the community, unlike with large chains, thereby reinforcing the economy of your town. 

2: It’s an Ethical Choice

Spending money with local businesses is an ethical choice for two reasons.

Firstly, as raw materials and products are more likely to be locally produced or sourced, this is excellent news for the environment.

Secondly, when it comes to food, buying local is always best. Your local butchers or grocers will sell meat or fruit that they have access to, for example, those that are in season. This means less food is going to waste, the food is likely to be more nutritious as it is fresher, you’ll be supporting local farmers, and avoiding unnecessary plastic packaging.

One of harrogate's great independent coffee shops

3: You’ll Support Entrepreneurs and Communities

Shopping at local businesses means supporting British entrepreneurs. Similar to the point above, this is great for the environment as these products are more likely to be sustainably sourced, and slow fashion ensures nothing goes to waste.

Also, importantly, entrepreneurship is essential for innovation in any field. By supporting local entrepreneurs’ dreams, you’ll be doing your bit to foster innovation and tomorrow’s big trends. 

4: You’ll Help to Create Local Job Opportunities

This one is pretty straightforward but it’s also a fantastic thing to keep in mind. As shopping with small businesses stimulates the local economy, it does the same thing for the local job market.

This, in turn, creates job opportunities in the area, which in itself is a great thing but also benefits people who can’t easily travel long distances for work – a bonus!

Sophie Likes 1

5: You’ll Find Something Truly Unique

When it comes to gift buying, we’ve all been in a situation where we’ve received or given the exact same gift as someone else. Awkward!

One of the best things about small, local businesses is how unique their products can be. You might just find the perfect gift for a loved one by shopping locally, and you’ll have the benefit of knowing it’s one of a kind. 

Harrogate Independent Shops

Curious about what’s locally available to you? Aside from the local gym, Beckwith, of course! Check out some great independent Harrogate businesses below.

Local Food 

Jarfull, 2 Bower Street

Elite Meat, 53-57 High Street

Regal Fruiterers, 142 Kings Road

Local Gifts

Sophie Likes, 36 Beulah Street

Shine, 120-130 Kings Road

Milk & Honey Harrogate, 14-16 Cheltenham Parade

Local Cafés

Bean & Bud, 14 Commercial Street

Number 35, 35 Cheltenham Crescent

Baltzersen’s, 22 Oxford Street 

More Information on Shopping Locally

For more information on small businesses in the Harrogate area, check out these resources: Independent Harrogate, Facebook– Independent Businesses in Harrogate, and the Harrogate Mumbler.

Also, be sure to follow Beckwith Health Club on Facebook and Instagram, as we frequently shine a light on fantastic local businesses!