Health & Fitness in 2020

It’s safe to safe 2020 (and now 2021) was a peculiar year for staying fit…

Hi! I’m Maisie, I’m based in London and I work for Beckwith Health Club as a blog writer. My work usually bringing you fitness tips and suggestions from Beckwith’s expert staff – but today I’ll be talking about my own fitness experience!

My Experience with Fitness in 2020

For me, something about the year ‘2020’ made me want to commit to certain goals more than ever. In January, I decided I wanted to focus on two things in particular: maintaining (and increasing) an active lifestyle and getting into weightlifting.

So like many other new years’ enthusiasts, I joined a gym, and I was just getting into the swing of things when gyms began closing due to the pandemic.

Thankfully, there was a silver lining! As this happened to thousands of people, I had my fill of options on how to adapt. Here’s how I decided to continue exercising during the pandemic and lockdowns.

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Lockdown 1 – Home Workouts 

For me, the first lockdown was all about the home workouts. I was living in a different apartment to now and was lucky to have a large living room that my three other flatmates rarely used.

There were so many online workout options to choose from! When it came to quick and easy to find videos, YouTube was a lifesaver. There’s nothing like typing the exact number of minutes you want to exercise for into a search bar to keep you doing it.

The downside to this was by April 2020 I was searching for two and three-minute workout videos… If I’m being completely honest with myself, I’m not sure how much good this was doing!

Other than YouTube, I relied on workouts provided by gyms, as I could be sure the tips and training were coming from qualified instructors. Beckwith Health Club’s Instagram page and their website kept me dedicated thanks to their online challenges and to their PT’s occasional virtual classes! Be sure to follow them so you can tune in to the next one. And for some great equipment-free home workouts, check out this blog from Beckwith!

Summer 2020 – Enjoying the Outdoors 

Once summer rolled around, I had left the home workouts behind me. Like everyone else in the country, I had suddenly become an expert long-distance walker. While before the pandemic a 30-minute walk was dull and gave me blisters, by May and June, I was spending full days walking around the city!

The weather was stunning in spring and summer so it was so easy to get outside. As I hadn’t had access to a private outdoor space the past few months, I had gotten into the habit of taking my exercise outdoors whenever I could. Who would have thought I’d become one of those dedicated people doing squats in the park? I can’t lie, I was a bit proud of myself there.

(Sadly, I’m quite sure the amount of Pimms I consumed during this time might have ruined the effects of my occasional walks).


Lockdown 2 – Running & Hula Hooping

Lockdown again! Not to worry, I was ready for it this time around.

By now I had moved into a larger apartment with a small garden so I finally had space to hula hoop, which is one of my favourite activities. Although it’s fairly static (I haven’t yet mastered the walking hula hooping move), it’s great for strengthening my back. This has helped me deal with the back pain from working from home.

I also got back into running around this time as the drop in temperatures put me off long, gentle walks. I especially like a lunch break run – quick, but it gives you energy for the afternoon! Here’s a look at some of the benefits and different types of running for anyone looking to get started.

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December 2020 – Total Abandonment of All Fitness Goals 

This will be a short section. I could tell you with more confidence about how many Terry’s chocolate oranges I ate during this month than how many times I attempted to exercise.

You know what, it’s been a long year, we’ll move past it!

Lockdown 3 – Back on Track with Yoga and the Outdoors

Alright, the third lockdown, here we go. We all knew this one was coming, didn’t we?

Despite the cold and dismal weather, I was really in the mood to make the most of the outdoors during January and February 2021. I aimed to go out for 2-3 runs a week. I would try to go during lunch if work would allow it so that I could enjoy the sun (/bright cloud) while it was out but also bought myself a reflective jacket for some evening runs. The nice thing about these was that there was no time pressure, so they were quite relaxing after a long day.

I also started to stretch and watch more yoga videos at this time, mainly as an alternative to running that wouldn’t require me to be outdoors!

I was a big fan of YouTube’s ‘Yoga with Adrienne’ videos personally, but there are so many great online instructors out there.

If you’re looking to practice more yoga, check out this blog on some easy stretches to get you started, and to find out all the ways it can make you feel better.

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