The many benefits of physical exercise only increase as you get older. The more you exercise, the better equipped your body is during the ageing process and in everyday life, of course!

Keep reading for some exercise and gym benefits for older adults!

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Exercise Increases Your Muscle Strength

As you age, your body naturally loses muscle mass, in a common condition known as sarcopenia

Working to maintain or recover this loss of muscle strength will help in your everyday life. Things such as opening jars, lifting heavy objects, climbing stairs, will all become easier with a healthy exercise regimen. 

Additionally, muscle mass helps to support our joints. So, focusing on developing this muscle mass as you age is key to avoiding and delaying common joint and back injuries which naturally occur as we age.

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EGym – Resistance Training for All Ages

Strength or resistance training is the top recommended exercise to increase muscle mass. There are lots of benefits to resistance training, but key among them is the ability to manage the weight you lift and increase it gradually, if and when you’re ready to do so. (Read more about resistance training here).

Beckwith’s EGym resistance training equipment is perfect for all ages! Our trained team will help you set up an account and gear it towards your specific goals and abilities. Send us a message or drop in to ask about EGym inductions.

Exercise Reduces the Risk of Stroke and Heart Disease

Regular exercise reduces the risk of strokes and heart disease, especially for older adults. 

For those aged 65 and over, the NHS recommends they:

  • aim to be physically active every day, even if it’s just light activity
  • do activities that improve strength, balance and flexibility on at least 2 days a week
  • do at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity activity a week or 75 minutes of vigorous intensity activity if you are already active, or a combination of both
  • reduce time spent sitting or lying down and break up long periods of not moving with some activity

Light activity, such as a walk, is key to daily exercise. We recommend coming to the gym for all of your regular exercise, as there’ll always be trained staff on hand to help out, provide explanations, or guide you to the correct machines if it’s your first time. 

Beckwith Health Club also has a wide variety of equipment, meaning you can do anything from light and intense cardio, to a group class, weightlifting, and more.

If you’re not sure where to start, why not take a walk on the treadmill first? As you get more comfortable, you can increase the speed, incline, or switch to a more mobile machine, such as the elliptical.

Exercise is Key to Mental Health

Regular exercise has been shown to be extremely beneficial to your mental health. 

This happens in more than one way!

For one, regular physical activity helps you sleep better and deeper. A regular deep sleeping pattern is essential for you to improve your mental wellbeing, so this might just be the best benefit of exercise…

Additionally, exercise produces endorphins which will boost your mood and increase your self-confidence. Endorphins are also key to reducing stress and anxiety, so you don’t want to miss out on these perks!

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If you need assistance with anything in the gym, including new exercises, personal training, using the equipment, and our membership details, please get in touch with us via Facebook, Instagram, or in the gym.