No Equipment? No Problem!

Covid-19 and the government-mandated lockdown have forced a lot of changes in peoples’ daily lives. One of the biggest changes is the closure of gyms and outdoor exercise spaces around the country. As Beckwith Health Club has also had to temporarily close its door, we understand how this routine can be difficult.

However, gym closures are no excuse for setbacks on your fitness goals! Now, more than ever, it is essential to be regularly exercising. Exercise can have a big impact on daily moods and on overall health. This is so important during quarantine as big changes to routine and increased job stress can negatively affect our moods and behaviours. As exercise is one solution to these problems, why not take this time to throw yourself into it?

pilates class at Beckwith Gym

Changes to Your Routine = An Opportunity for New Skills

If you are a gym-focused exerciser, take this time as an opportunity to switch up your routine and develop some new fitness skills. If you find that you’ve recently fallen off of the exercise horse, take this time to jump back on! No longer having to commute can mean even more time in the day for things like short and regular stretches, outdoor walks, and trying out new home workouts.

What’s more, daily exercise can also help you to avoid the aches and pains that frequently accompany long periods of working from home. If your work from home set-up isn’t ideal, you might find yourself suffering from increased back pain or joint stiffness.

So, let’s have a look at some equipment-free, work from home-friendly exercises you can do! There’ll be no need to lose out on your fitness routine with these home workouts.

Sarah PIYO at Harrogate Gym

Online Classes: Try PiYo!

One of the benefits of being quarantined during the technological era is the volume of online resources available. Thankfully, this extends to fitness classes!

Beckwith’s PiYo instructor, Sara Johnson, has brought her very popular Pi-Yo classes, online. To sign up for these classes, follow her on Instagram for all of the details, or get in touch with us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

In Sara’s words, PiYo is a fusion of Pilates and Yoga. It involves a combination of HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), cardio exercise, flexibility, and strength training. A fun, full-body exercise that’s suitable for all levels.

PiYo moves faster than yoga, though it also involves holding poses for some time. What’s great about it is if you lose track or get lost, you can choose to stick to one move to ensure you’re constantly staying active. And then, jump back in when you’re ready!

For high energy home workouts, including a bit of everything from flexibility to dance and strength training, check out our class timetable and book your spot in one of Sara’s Piyo classes! These last 60 minutes and are offered throughout the week.

For more information about Sara and PiYo, read our blog here.

distance workout

Follow our Personal Trainers’ Home Workouts

Due to the current situation, many of Beckwith’s PTs have taken their expertise online. George, Ben, Dan, Louie, and Steve (@stevecollinspt) have been inspirational in their flexibility adapting to these new situations! And luckily for us and for our members, they’re sharing their home workouts on Instagram. You can also subscribe to Steve’s YouTube channel on at-home workouts here.

While this may not be the same as attending a gym, at-home workouts are important for staying active and keeping up your spirits in difficult times like these.

Check our Instagram page regularly to see Dan, Ben, and George’s tips, tricks, and home workout challenges throughout the week. You can find our Instagram here.

Also, be sure to check out Beckwith’s YouTube channel for videos and home workouts. Find it and subscribe here.


In the above video, our PT and fitness expert Ben talks us through an at-home chair workout. This type of workout is perfect in a stay at home situation. All it requires is a chair and not much room, so this is also a great one for our clients who are staying home in apartments.


The above snapshot, taken of a video from Beckwith’s Instagram account, is a great kettlebell workout tutorial by Louie.

Don’t have kettlebells? Not to worry! For most at-home workouts, you can replace gym equipment with standard household items. In this case, why not try it with a heavy book or a bottle of wine?

For more great and regular workout content like these, be sure to follow Beckwith’s Instagram page. Keep in touch about your progress, and send us any of your questions!


Make the Most of Your Outdoor Time

Given the current global health crisis, the government of the United Kingdom has limited everyone’s outdoor activities to one hour a day. It is mandated that this hour be used for exercise only. Check out our update on this situation in our blog here.

While this limitation may be bad news for many, it is also good news for exercise fans! It’s now harder than ever to come up with an excuse to avoid that daily exercise…

The most important thing in this situation is to take advantage of this time outdoors! One way Beckwith suggests our clients do this is to take another look at running. Running can be fast-paced and high-intensity or slower and more focused on endurance. It can be eased into, and easily adapted to your fitness level. It is also a great way to get outdoors, get some fresh air, and explore neighbourhoods.

There are so many different kinds of runners and running workouts that you can pick it up swiftly and tailor the workout to your needs.

If you’ve been meaning to get into running but haven’t gotten around to it yet, be sure to check out our blog, ‘Boost Your Workout with a Run’. It details the different types of runs and tips on how to get into the sport. Now’s the time!


Stay Home and Stay Healthy!

The most important thing to focus on is your health. Regular, daily exercise can make a huge difference in wellbeing, especially while you are confined to your home.

So take this time to try out Pi-Yo, get to know our PTs’ Instagram pages, or start running!

We look forward to seeing our clients again as soon as possible. Send any questions our way by getting in touch with us on Instagram or Facebook!