What is a workout split?

Strength training, also known as weight or resistance training, is a form of fitness training designed to improve muscular fitness. It does so by focusing the physical activity on a specific muscle group by exercising it against external resistance.

The nature of strength training makes it a flexible workout. You decide how often and how exactly you’ll work out, based on your abilities and goals. This means you can also choose which muscle groups to focus on when.

However, this might be easier said than done. Question is, is there a right and wrong way to go about your training splits?

As long as you’re being safe with your workouts and listening to your body, there is no wrong way. But for those needing some guidance, check out the below training splits. These are based on how many days a week you work out.

Remember, these are not set in stone! Try them out and if you feel you need to, make those changes! 

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Workout splits for 3 days a week

If you’re working out three days a week, check out this three-day training split from Bodybuilder. This is a general look at how you can set up your week if you’re focusing on full-body workouts.

Monday: All muscle groups—1 exercise, 3 sets, 10-12 reps

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday:  All muscle groups—1 exercise, 3 sets, 10-12 reps

Thursday: Rest

Friday: All muscle groups—1 exercise, 3 sets, 10-12 reps

Saturday-Sunday: Rest

If you’re looking for a more specific guide to which muscle groups to work on when, check out this one from Muscle and Strength.

Monday: Chest and Biceps

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: Legs and Shoulders

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Back and Triceps

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Rest

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Workout splits for 4 days a week

Kicking it up a notch – how could you choose to split your workouts over four days a week? Here’s a couple of suggestions from Advanced Body Metrics. You can find more on their website here.

Monday: Chest and Triceps
Tuesday: Back and Biceps
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: Legs
Friday: Shoulders, Arm, and Abs
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Rest


Monday: Quads and Hamstrings
Tuesday: Chest and Triceps
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Back and Traps and Calves
Saturday: Shoulders and Biceps
Sunday: Rest

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Workouts splits for 5 days a week

Lastly, let’s have a look at some 5-day splits. Here’s one from Victorem Gear:

Monday: Chest and Triceps

Tuesday: Back and Biceps

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Shoulders and Triceps

Friday: Legs and Biceps

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Core and Cardio

Or if that’s not for you, try this one from Fitness Volt:

Monday: Upper body

Tuesday: Lower body

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Push day (chest, shoulders, triceps)

Friday: Pull day (back, biceps, abs)

Saturday: Legs

Sunday: Rest

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Personal training = a personal split!

Arguable the best way to feel confident with your training splits is to work with a personal trainer. Talking through your goals and abilities will allow your trainer, a professional, to guide you as best they can.

Read about some things to consider before working with a personal trainer here.

And check out the profiles of Beckwith Health Club’s personal trainers here! We look forward to seeing your splits at the gym soon.